Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Persian and Oriental rugs are very similiar types of rugs. Both are hand-knotted and made of common materials such as wool, cotton, silk and animal hair. However, Persian rugs are commonly symmetrical in design, while Oriental rugs usually display designs such as landscapes. Both of these rugs are of a very high quality and can last upwards of 50 years, even in high use areas. The key is to keep your rug well cared for, and that means professionally cleaning your rug at least every 3 to 5 years.

Persian & Oriental Rugs are made of
5 Primary materials:
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Jute
  • Animal Hair

~How to Care for your Persian or Oriental Rug~

  • Vacuum your entire rug on a regular basis, even the areas under furniture.

  • Clean up spills immediately. Use a white cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible.

  • Avoid the sun! UV rays will fade the color faster than when it naturally occurs over time.

  • Place protection under furniture legs when placing on top of your rug, as it may squash the fibers leaving dents.

  • Rotate your rug and, if possible, your furniture. Keeping the same placements of the room can create pressed pathways in a permanent pattern.

  • Professionally clean your rug at least every 3 to 5 years, more if in a high traffic area.

Place your Persian or Oriental area rug in our very capable hands for specialized rug cleaning and we will give you piece of mind.

Quality Care Cleaning cares for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We are experts in all rugs, including hand knotted, braided, tufted, flat woven, hook machine, natural, flokatis (Shag rugs) and machine made. Depending on the state of your rug, we usually recommend for the rugs to be brought to our warehouse. We will pick up your rug and bring it to our shop where it will receive our very thorough Nine Step Rug Cleaning System to get maximum soil and spot removal.  Having your rug cleaned in our shop allows us to give it several treatments for a more thorough cleaning, controlled drying and the use of various tools that are not available in your home. Our technicians are certified in WoolSafe.

Whether it is the cleaning processes recommended by the rug cleaning industry or the old fashion cleaning methods such as large bath type system, in which we immerse your rugs with the recommended solutions to remove set in stains and contaminations, we will perform the best possible cleaning of your Oriental or Persian rugs.

After a hands on inspection of your rug, we determine the best method to clean your rug. The first step is to test the fiber for dyes stability and to protect them if necessary to prevent the dyes from migrating, pre-inspect any spots for any other contamination in the rug. Once the inspection is done we vacuum, brush, dust all size of the rug. We apply special detergents to loose all contaminants and to be able to wash and remove  them from the fibers in our own washing platform. After the rinse process we reinspect the rug for any extra touch up that the rug might need. The final step is to hang the rug to dry in our own control environment area.  Some rugs with exes urine contamination are treated different.

10-Step Rug Cleaning System

Step 1: Pre-Inspection and pick up. Photos of your rug are taken and reviewed during a pre-cleaning inspection (if needed) and communicated to you for review and resolution of any concerns. We will outline the expected results and cleaning.  Quality Care Cleaning will come to your home and pick up your rug or you may drop it by our office.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal Woven rugs, especially hand knotted rugs are designed to hide dry soil.  A few years ago, the Eureka Company did a study and found that a 9 x 12 rug could hide 87 pounds of dirt!  WOW!  We use a variety of techniques to “dust” the rugs from the front and back.  A machine called a pile lifter, special vacuum attachment is used along with other methods to maximize the removal of dry soil from your textile.  This is the most important step in cleaning any textile

Step 3: Pre-Soak (if needed) If heavy pet contamination is detected we then soak the rug with the needed solution in our overnight bath to remove contaimenants and odors (only when the issue is eliminated do we go to the next step.  Special lights are used to confirm all soiled areas have been removed from vision and scent

Step 4: Pre-Condition Depending on fiber content and soil type, the rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils with pet and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Step 5: Pre-Spot and Fringe Cleaning solutions are applied to help lift any set in stains.  Fringe is cleaned with a special cleaning tool.

Step 6: Shampoo Most rugs are cleaned with an Oriental Rug Shampoo that is especially designed to get maximum cleaning while protecting sensitive fibers.

Step 7: Rinse and Wash Depending on the type of rug it will be rinsed with extraction equipment on both sides or washed in a wash pit designed especially for Oriental Rugs.  This procedure is also used when pet soiling has set into the fibers (if wash pit is required to address pet soil and/or pet smell additional cost may apply, ask your technician at time of consultation/pick up for details).

Step 8: Speed Dry Once the soil is rinsed away and excess water is extracted, the rug is dried flat or hung to dry in a temperature controlled environment.  Proper drying is essential to avoid unnatural shrinkage.

Step 9: Finishing When the rug is dry, it is combed and finished with soft groomers made for Specialty Rugs.

Step 10: Post Inspection and Delivery Our cleaning specialist will give the rug a final inspection and release it for you to pick or for re-delivery to your home.  Your rug will be wrapped in a brown craft paper to protect it from dust and environmental soils until it is picked up or delivered.  Upon delivery, we will lay the rug for you. It is highly recommended that DuPont Teflon Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Protectant is applied.  Regular usage of this service will extend the beauty and life of your carpets/upholstery. If new padding is needed we will custom cut and deliver it to you (additional charge applies).

man washing various rugs

When we are finished with cleaning your rug, you will become a member of the Quality Care Cleaning family.  We promise to “keep in touch” with you throughout the year with helpful cleaning tips and newsletters. 

 If you are having a problem or need advice, simply contact us your questions and we will get back to you with a solution. Our goal is not to be “just your carpet cleaner” we want to be your “Professional Carpet and Upholstery Consultants”,  keeping our level of service “A Step Above” the rest.

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