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Winter (You Heard Me, Winter) May Be a Very Good Time to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Posted on December 18, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

by Chet Jelinski

In my 35 years of cleaning carpets, I’ve often been asked “what is the best time of year to have one’s carpets cleaned?” There is no easy, black-and-white answer to that question.

On the Commercial side of carpet cleaning there is really no “good” or “bad” time of year, there needs to be year-round maintenance in most situations. However, in a Residential setting, which is most often an annual event, the season chosen for optimum cleaning is a source of legitimate questioning. This blog attempts to answer the question regarding a Residential setting.

After all these years, I’ve concluded that a case can be made for any of the four seasons.

*   Spring is the time of year when we want to have carpets cleaned so our homes have every last vestige of the Winter’s snow, mud, salt and calcium chloride removed.

*   Summer is probably the best time from a drying standpoint, because air conditioning is usually non-stop.

*   Fall is popular because kids are back to school and many have their carpets and upholstery cleaned in anticipation of the coming holidays.

*   And Winter can be advantageous, too, as some want to clean up after those aforementioned holidays, (and the spills, spots and stains that came with them.)

 You can also think of reasons not to have your carpets cleaned in a particular time of year!

 *   Spring is known for “April showers that bring May flowers.” Rain can also mean slightly longer drying times after carpets are cleaned (as humidity is raised) and quicker “tracking up,” if we’re not careful.

 *   Summer is VACATION time, and comings and goings during the summer months can create logistical problems regarding scheduling residential carpet cleaning. (Rain can also be a big factor in Summer.)

*   Fall can have rain, also, and Fall has its share of days where it’s “too cool for air conditioning, but too warm to turn heat on.” (This can hinder drying time of the carpets if you book on one of those days.)

*   Winter  Wait a second!!!!!    Winter usually HAS no rainy days! Most folks DON’T take vacations in Winter (well, some do!) And, in Winter, the heat is usually on every day, which helps the cleaned items to dry!

Conclusion: Winter has its potential problems just like every other season does, but, all things considered, Winter (yes, Winter!) may be a very good time to have your carpets cleaned.

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