Real Estate Agents.

Why Would A Real Estate Sales Professional Ever Want To Form A Relationship With A Professional Cleaning Company?

How a home shows can either make or break the sale.

One of the first things a potential buyer or renter will notice is how the home smells and how the home looks. Naturally, if the home has dirty carpets, bathrooms, closets or smells from pets, cigarette smoke, built in odors in your carpets  they will probably make their way to the nearest exit.  We can make your home look and smell CLEAN usually in just one day of service.

How many times have YOU walked into a home and been embarrassed with how the home looks or smells?

What benefit to you as a realtor, would it be not only to be associated with a professional cleaning provider that has been servicing the area for over 25 years.  In addition to have an all ready pre-arranged discount of 10% any of the work performed for your client (max 250 square feet of carpet cleaning required for discount).

Quality Care Technicians are trained and certified in odor removal techniques for removing dog odors, smoke odors, urine odors* and other offensive odors that you may come across. Our truck mounted hot water extraction system is far superior to other companies you may come across. Our advanced cleaning systems do not use harsh soap or toxic chemicals to clean. We use environmental cleaning solutions for the cleaning of your home, area rugs, carpets and tile.

“With the average real estate transaction being worth $180,000.00 can you afford NOT to use the best cleaning services available to you?”

The Preferred Real Estate Agent Program Comes With:

  • FREE $35 gift certificate towards their 1st cleaning of 250 square feet or more
  • FREE carpet analysis and recommendation
  • FREE bottle of “Spot Remover” to each of your clients 
  • FREE carpet audits for all of your clients 
  • FREE Referral Rewards Membership that earns you 10% of every carpet cleaning job you refer to our company

We also offer “After-Closing Detailed” cleaning:

Many clients after purchasing a home would like the home sanitized professionally by an experienced cleaning company.  We offer One-Time Detailed cleaning services:

  • Priority and Weekend scheduling (if available)
  • 2-4 technicians assigned to detail clean your client’s home.  We provide floor to ceiling cleaning including; sanitizing bathrooms, kitchen cabinets (interior and exterior), appliances, light fixtures, windows, tracks and sills, closets and shelves, doors and moldings and more.
  • Fully insured and uniformed

*Quality Care cleaning will make every effort to eliminate pet stains and odors, however we cannot guarantee total resolve of pet stain/odors.