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Do you have Pet Urine issues in your carpet?

Posted on April 4, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Urine components have the ability to stain (dye) and/or bleach (discolor)
fibers, especially fibers like nylon or wool. When theses fibers are
manufactured they are contact-dyed with acid dyes.

When urine, feces or vomit are first excreted from the body, they are highly
acidic, just like the dye solution used to fix color on nylon and wool
fiber. If customers act quickly, removing urine’s yellowish stain can be
accomplished with almost any cool, neutral detergent solution.

If they don’t act quickly – and who has time to follow their animal around
all day – then more complex oxidizers and professional techniques usually
are required. Keep in mind also that the age of the animal, and the amount
of water, and food or medications it has ingested, can affect the color of
the stain.

If the contaminating substance has not been diluted, neutralized and
extracted quickly, then as bacteria in the urine multiplies and produces
enzymes, the deposit becomes highly alkaline (smells like ammonia, doesn’t
it?), and actually “bleaches” color from fibers.

It’s the ammonia that causes the loss of color in rugs, not necessarily the
presence of the yellow pigment in the urine itself. The loss of dyes caused
by prolonged exposure to ammonia is another story entirely.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the yellow color can be removed with
a simple cleaning solution. Correcting color loss caused by alkalinity can
only be accomplished by adding color or spot dyeing fibers.

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