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Carpet Stains & Spills – Tips for Cleaning

Posted on October 16, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized

Caring for your carpet

by Quality Care Cleaning



Special natural fiber carpets need special care. They will perform as well as any other carpet if certain guidelines are followed.  As part of being affiliated to Woolsafe, we have invested in a specialist project where an expert cleaning company member subjected our Graphite carpets to common household spills and stains.

After stringent testing procedures were carried out, conclusions were drawn as to the best method of successfully dealing with spills as they happen and also if they have dried into the carpet.

More often than not, we are asked about how to deal with accidents involving cups of tea & coffee or glasses of red wine.  All such substances can be successfully removed from any of our carpets without the need to call in a specialist.  However, we understand that, in the heat of the moment, panic can set in and the correct procedure is not always considered. 

So, in preparation for that unfortunate occasion, we recommend that you ALWAYS keep an ample supply of paper towel and a plastic spray bottle at the ready.

Then, we suggest that you follow five simple steps:

1. As swiftly as you can to prevent the spillage soaking further down the pile, tear off enough paper towel to fold double to cover the spill and place over the area and press gently so that the liquid soaks into the towel, working inwards from the edges.  DO NOT compress the pile and DO NOT scrub or rub.  Use your finger ends to encourage the paper towel to come in contact with the entire spill area.  Replace the towel and repeat the exercise until you find that no more liquid soaks into the towel.

2. Then, take a fresh piece of paper towel.  Lay it flat over the area and, using a spray bottle, spray a fine mist of cold water onto the towel and allow to settle for a couple of minutes.  DO NOT saturate the towel or the carpet.  Again, use your finger ends to encourage the damp paper towel to contact the spill area.  This should help to draw any residual stain up into the towel. Repeat this exercise until such time as no colouration remains in the towel when removed from the area.

3. The carpet should now be just damp to the touch and in a state where a fresh piece of paper towel lightly applied flat over the pile will not absorb more liquid.  It can then be left to air-dry.

4. If, when the carpet has dried, there remains any trace of a stain, you should call Quality Care cleaning at  (732) 833-1500, email us at dpenilla@qualitycarecleaning.com or fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form at qualitycarecleaning.com

5. Please DO NOT use proprietary carpet stain removers,  Most of them contain bleach or other chemicals which may attack the natural pigments in the wools.

Finally, if you have other spillages or accidents, do get in touch and we shall do our best to help.